Terms of use of the Information System

  • The user of the information system is a person who, using the user login and password (authorised user) received in accordance with the prescribed procedures, or free public access (unauthorized user), accesses the system functions.
  • Any information relating to an identified or identifiable person shall be considered as personal data within the meaning of these Regulations.
  • Public and authorized use of the information system is possible. Public use is available to anyone without identifying themselves with the name and password of the user and using only the data intended for that purpose. An authorized use is available with an unique identifier and password issued to the person.
  • Any user of the information system must comply with the following rules:
    1. The user may use the information received only for the purposes specified by the institution of higher education. The information obtained can not be used for any commercial purposes. It is categorically prohibited for the user to use the information obtained in activities not directly related to the performance of tasks imposed by the institution of higher education.
    2. The user cannot pass user authorization data (user name and password) to third parties. User authorization data should be used only by the specific user (a person) to whom they are assigned. An authorized user should change the password at regular intervals (not less than once a month).
    3. The user must not perform any action that is directed against the security and safety of the system, by using unexpected connection capabilities. When finishing (stopping) the work with system, the user must close the browser. The user cannot save the used password, using the browser capabilities.
    4. The user must not carry out illegal copying of data, system or parts thereof (all activities that do not use the allowed, on-screen commands, or are executed automatically, without human involvement in the process of forming requests for information, regardless of the purpose of these actions, are considered illegal).
    5. The user must not modify, publish, transfer or sell the received information, reproducing in its entirety or partially. Any processing activity carried out with acquired data, including but not limited to data collection, recording, input, storage, arranging, modification, use, transfer, transmission, disclosure, blocking or deletion, may be carried out only in accordance with the procedures specified by the institution of higher education.
    6. The user may not use the information received for the development of other data processing systems without written co-ordination with the supervisor of the higher education.
    7. The user may not store the information received in publicly available places.
    8. It is the responsibility of users to notify the resource administrator or LU IT service without delay (working days by phone 67034857, sending non-working messages by e-mail serviss@lu.lv) in the following cases:
      8.1. If there is a suspicion that the user's password has been learned by another person;
      8.2. By spotting deviations in the operation of the information system.
  • Failure to comply with these Regulations, and/or the acquisition of rights of use of the system by means of third-party access passwords and/or on behalf of third parties, shall be regarded as a deliberate damage to the integrity of the system, which according to Latvian legislation is to be classified as a criminal offence. Such actions are contrary to the personal data protection law.
Last modified: Thursday, 19 March 2020, 6:27 PM